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Living in the North East of England I am surrounded by the amazing coastline and fabulous landscape beauty of the North East of England, Northumberland and beyond 

"Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read through my introduction. I hope, after reading this and visiting my site you enjoy what you see and take away some inspiration, an idea, a memory or the fact that you simply enjoyed the journey through the landscapes.
I was born in the North East of England and still reside there, surrounded by the beautiful countryside and coastline, where my subject matter begins. From picking up my first camera some years ago, photography soon turned into a true passion. Today, I’m still enthusiastic, if not more so, but rest assured, the learning curve in this form is endless. My personal goal is to continuously improve my work and, through this medium, illustrate a multi dimensional world within the limits of this two dimensional art.

My style is creative and fresh, together with my experience and a love of photographic art, it all makes for exciting images. I’m experimental and always keen to try new techniques, clearly striving to meet my clients every wish...whilst delighting them with my unique interpretation.

My photography does not arise from simply a desire to see the world through a lens, but from a deep passion of the process where I am able to capture a wonderful light, a new dawn a beautiful smile or perhaps a precious moment that will be cherished forever.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

13th October 2013

Durham Cathedral
Another recent image from Durham. Take at just after sunset


Graphi Studio Wedding Album
Another Graphi Studio album completed, example pages attached



Julie’s Kitchen

The art of preserving fruits and vegetables once was an essential skill before the invention of the refrigerator. Now preserving has become much more a pleasurable pastime. Jams and chutneys were something I created for gourmet gifts added to a special Christmas hamper.
The delicate flavour of Lemon Curd spread onto a warm buttered slice of toast or a muffin is delicious. Tangy Three Fruit Marmalade complements any breakfast treat or use it to add a twist in a Bread and Butter Pudding recipe. Plum and Lime Jam is great for adding a fresh flavour to porridge or croissants in the morning. Delicious Red Onion Marmalade is a great garnish for a pate dish or cheese and salads.
I aim to keep adding new flavours to tickle the taste buds. Please contact me to order any of the above and ask about my new range.
Tel: 01914157846

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